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WWW, March 2007 - The words "Christian Industry" form a school example of an oxy-moron. 

And as the CRC documents many aspects of this Christian Industrial Complex, especially the so-called "Gospel Reggae" branch of it, our attention was driven towards a new development that will illustrate the oxy-moron once more.

In a recent debate on the Versionist website (LINK), where Reggae artists of all kinds and sorts release music and discuss things on the fora, there was an in-depth reasoning about the Gospel Reggae Industry.

In the thread, entitled: "the ''Gospel Reggae'' Phenomena: an industry or a ministry?", one contributor said he was involved in producing "Gospel Reggae" and explained that he wanted to separate himself from what is usually known as the "secular industry". Strangely enough, this very same contributor said he was aware of the "Christian Industry" and was not supportive of it.

Throughout the debate it became clear, that the contributor wished to separate himself from what is generally known as "secular Reggae" because of the wickedness and iniquity that you see so rampant in the Dance Halls: extreme slackness and violence, et cetera. This very same mentality stands at the roots of the Christian Industry. It forms the economical basis for her.

We have also thoroughly documented how the "Gospel Reggae Industry" came into existence as we published two books and a number of articles on the culprits: a group called Christafari and more specifically, their leader and self-proclaimed "founder of Gospel Reggae". We do so, because the Lord God commands us to expose the works of darkness and we will continue to do so.

One of the most easiest ways of discovering her spiritually perverse nature, is to see just how the "Christian Industry" applies rules for the Church of Jesus Christ in order to maintain their industry. For the Bible is clear: when it comes to the Church of Jesus Christ, this is a matter only for people who know themselves to be born again through the Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus.

This is where our recent discovery enters. We have documented, how "Gospel Reggae dot Com" and their competition in the Christian Industry use the biggest words possible to describe and defend their separation from "the world", the "secular" industry. They claim, as we will see, that only Christians should enter their industry and they base it on the principals that the Bible describes as being about the Church.

This is all just because of marketing principals. Christians, and those who think they are, have become customers in this Christian Industrial Complex. They have been dumbed-down into thinking that taking spiritual food is buying everything which the Christian Industry decides they should buy.

After all, it's "Christian", right?


The people behind Gospel Reggae Dot Com placed music by so-called "secular" artists to be sold on their Web Store. When you browse through their website, you will find that they sell a series of albums called "Reggae Sunday Service". 

Let's quote the website (emph. CRC):

You'll notice that this installment of the Reggae Sunday Service series features tracks by Beenie Man and Luciano. Though their songs ("Gospel Times," and "Sweep Over My Soul," respectively) make great additions to the album (Beenie Man brings an energetic dancehall sound while Luciano delivers pure warmth and reverence), it should be noted that both of these artists have extensive careers in the secular arena and thus their secular catalogs should be avoided. (LINK)

And here is what they say about another episode (emph. CRC):

You'll notice that this album contains a few tracks from secular artists such as Sanchez and Mr. Vegas. Though we strongly discourage you from listening to their secular releases, the songs "Praise Him," "Higher Higher," and "Amazing Grace," are strong contributions to the third installment of the Reggae Sunday Service series. (LINK)

But that's not everything Gospel Reggae dot Com has to say about Sanchez:

For as long as I can remember Sanchez has been singing about God (Jesus), marijuana and sex at his live shows. Given the release of full length Gospel album, I spoke to the head of VP records and asked him the same question. I was told that Sanchez is not a Christian and that he just wanted to do a Gospel album. This is a very popular thing to do right now-- given the conversion of five popular reggae artists in Jamaica a few years back, gospel has been viewed by some secular artists as a way to broaden their audience. But as far as I know, Sanchez still continues to sing other songs that strongly contradict the message on his gospel album. Please pray for him. (LINK)

Now, let's take a look at this and keep in our memories, that "Gospel Reggae dot Com" applies rules for the Church to maintain their economic activity in the Christian Industry.

What they are saying here, is that as long as someone speaks about "Jesus Christ", they are to be considered "sanctified", even "Christian". At the moments they do not, they should not be considered "Christian".

But wait a minute.

Not only does this show how the Christian Industry has nothing to do with the true church of Jesus Christ, it is also in clear contradiction with earlier statements of Gospel Reggae dot com concerning their "policy":

I would ask: "Who is Christ to you?" "Who is Selassie to you?" and: "Do you smoke ganja?" How he answered those questions would determine whether or no I would label him a "gospel artist" and add him to our webstore. (LINK)

Now, what does this say, other than that money speaks louder than principals in the Gospel Reggae Industry and in fact, the whole Christian Industrial Complex? 

For it is a fact, that using the name Jesus has direct commercial reasons. This is even admitted by the founder of the Gospel Reggae Industry himself:

They would boycott us if we refused to use the name "Jesus" (LINK)

What does this say, other than that in contradiction with their own statements, Gospel Reggae dot com is selling music by people who (they say) do not believe in Jesus, promote slackness and "even" "smoke marihuana"?

I do not feel comfortable selling an album on our site by an artist who is known to smoke weed without apology and repentance (LINK)

Before we answer that question, let's remember the scripture and not forget what Gospel Reggae dot com claims:

For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or [if] ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with [him]. (2 Cor. 11:4)

As we have recently reported, there was a row on I-tunes because some non-Christian band was labeled as "Christian" and the "Christians" were kind of angry when they found out that what was listed to them as Christian was not Christian at all. They found out after they bought the album of this band, clearly indicating how the customers on the Christian Industrial Complex buy everything presented to them by the Industry.

This is exactly the same on the Gospel Reggae dot com market place. 

The Merchandisers of the Christian Industry claim, that they are experts of discernment and will decide for their customers just what they can consume. But their "discernment" is based on the love of money, on political correct lyrics.

We don't say anything about whether Sanchez, Beenie Man or Luciano or who ever is or is not a Christian. We don't know, and it is not relevant. 

But let's take the Christian Industrialists on their word that these artists are not Christian. And we see that they claim their Industry to be "Christian" and applying Church Rules for their merchandizing activities. Rules, which they themselves break after they conditioned their customers into trusting them to apply these rules correctly.

All of this shows, how the very phrase "Christian Industry" is an oxy-moron. It shows, how in spite of their claims, it is impossible to base an industry on the true Christian faith. Sooner or later, the "Industry" will overrule the "Christian" because of marketing strategies and commercial interests.

But the terrible consequence of this all is, that many have been fooled already. Many think that being a Christian is all about selling and buying "Christian" products. Many think, that being a Christian is all about consuming, about paying others to "discern" for them what they should "consume".

They will go to Gospel Reggae dot com, and will think that as long as someone is using the words "Jesus" and "God", this is to be considered "Christian".

It's one of the subtle deceptions from the Christian Industry. They will use phrases, even Bible scriptures, to give their commercial enterprises a "Christian" sauce.

As we saw in the quotes, the Industrialists claim that you should only buy the products they will sell to you, and disregard everything other. And although they quote Church Rules which they falsely apply to their Industry, in reality it's just a hell-of-a-marketing-strategy. It ensures the Industrialists a steady source of income, while the Christians and those who think they are sacrifice their money to the altar of these merchandisers.

What was it, that the Bible said about itchy ears that had to be tickled by false teachers and their sounds?

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away [their] ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. (2 Timothy 4:3,4)

And what was it, that these false teachers would do while itchy ears of the "average" Christian and those who think they are being taken care of by the "ministers" of the Christian Industry?

through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not. (2 Peter 2:3)

It's time, that real Christians start using their own discernment and no longer let others think for them. For Christians are being called to judge everything that someone says in Jesus' Name.

It's time, that Christians start seeing how Christianity is a not a product even though it is being used as such. It's time, that Christians start boycotting the merchandisers who only use the Name of Jesus Christ in vain because they have found an easy customer-base that will buy anything they sell as long as it's "Christian".

Let's use that quote one more time.

They would boycott us if we refused to use the name "Jesus" (LINK)

Let's boycott them because the use the Name of Jesus... in vain! 

For it is vanity to make the fact that someone says "Jesus" a number of times enough reason to enter a self-proclaimed "Christian" Industry. 

It is vanity to use the Name of Jesus as a money-maker.

It is vanity to buy products because they are labeled "Christian". 

As we saw in this article, the ones who present their "Christian" products admittedly contradict their own statements and so you will not even buy products of Christians. You will just buy products that use the Name Jesus Christ a number of times in order to enter that industry. 

We quoted them from their own mouth!





Yesus Kristos


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