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Dubroom In-site, as the name suggests, deal with the runnings of this website itself. Updates, new formats,news and views directly relating to the Dubroom, stuff like this. 


DUBROOM, JANUARY 9, 2006 - As usually, around the end and start of the calendar year it's time for a little retrospective and some commenting on the events that took place in this past year.

Unfortunately, situations do not allways start and end on a given date. Unless they're caused by some programm based on the calendar. One thing can be said, though. 2005 was a year full of mountain-top and low valley experiences. 

After a good week's rest, it's time to pick up the work again. One good thing: there was kind of a thunder cloud hanging over the head of the Webmaster because of a possible financial situation caused by the calendar year. Fortunately, the cloud flew over without opening it's contents... The only way is up, as they say, and so that is exactly the way it will go!

What went up, and what went down in 2005? In this article we will look into some of these events.



It looks like there have been more Messian Dread musical releases in 2005 then in any other year before. Not during the times in which the studio wasn't completely functionable because of the computer problems, though (see "Radio Dubroom"). If that wouldn't have happened, maybe even more music would have been put out. In this year, 2006, it's unsure as to how much will be released. But there will be an album with Messian Dread music containing full lyrics and heavy dubbing as well. Jah Willing, ofcourse!



There were some big plans for Radio Dubroom. All the preparations were finished, permissions to re-broadcast crucial interviews as well as a number of different formats which would alltogether make Radio Dubroom a very interesting broadcast. But pretty soon, the studio's computer broke down and it wasn't some software mistake. It lasted 6 months before a new computer was in the reach and in the meantime, the Radio station was put "on ice"... It was one of the first experiences in the year. 



Since more detailed statistics are gathered, it turned out that there are well over 1500 visitors a day on this website. They come from a variety of backgrounds and for a wide variety of reasons, too. One comes to check out the MP3 reviews, while another comes to learn more about the New World Order or something like that. The Dubroom's site description is "to promote (DUB) Reggae and Consciousness" and so it is nice to see that this is actually happenning as many people download information and find tips to enlarge their Reggae collection.


Not only was music released, also a second and final book on Christafarianism has been put out. Under the title "The Mystery of Christafarianism", a first research project into the forming of a "Reggae Branch" in the Christian Industrial Complex was concluded. This was a very intense project and even process. 

In 2004, an essay about this philosophy of "Christafarianism" was published in the hope a debate could be started wherein it would become clear that you do not have to step out of Reggae Culture and the Reggae Industry in order to be a "Christian Reggae Artist" or "Christian Reggae Lover". 

But something completely different became clear!

It turned out, that the forming of a "Christian Reggae Industry" was not merely a step taken out of ignorant Christians when it comes to Reggae Culture and the Reggae Industry, but a well-planned business strategy to "plug the gap" in an industry wherein the Christian Faith had become the very product! This wasn't just some group of misinformed Christians who were trying to serve the Lord Yesus Kristos, this was a completely anti-christian organization portraying themselves as sheep of the Shepherd but in reality are only pretending to be sheep in order to mingle with the flock and eat the real sheep!

This became clear the minute after the essay "Christafarianism" was published. Christafari used everything in their power, including the usage of what seemed to be Biblical language, to "kill" the messenger and "kill" the debate. Subsequently the word "political correct" was used by Christafari's Mark Mohr to admit that (t)he(y) had indeed been spreading false information about the movement of Rastafari, something which he called "a superficcial issue in the public's eye". Which didn't bring Christafari to a repentance of the fact that their "mission statement" was based on a false witness.

They didn't want a debate, and so another year was spent to research the reason behind it. The Christian Industrial Complex was discovered. It had been foretold in the Bible. It had been prophesied by His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I. 

Christianity is big business, a much bigger business then Reggae Music. And by saying the right phrases about "non-Christian" or "secular" music (meaning: every music outside of the Christian Industrial Complex), an audience is guaranteed. People who believe that as an essential part of their Christian Life, the only "music" they are allowed to listen to is "Christian Music", are very loyal to "Christian Webstores" who provide them "Sanctified Music". 

Just imagine that Coca Cola would start to say that all other cola's would bring you a one way ticket to hell as an ordinance of the Most High God, and you have more or less what Christafari and the others in the Christian Industrial Complex are claiming about their products.  And they get away with it, under the sun, too! It has nothing to do with true Christianity, it even discredits the Name of the Divine Saviour and seriously hurts true Christians as well.

But not all of this was clear, after the essay on Christafarianism was published. The refusal to debate the (serious) contents with a referance to "the public's eye" as the ultimate decisive factor instead of the Biblical "love for the truth" merely showed "something" was wrong. Christafarianism was indeed (to be) a mystery. But in the Bible, mysteries are revealed and not concealed. And so the "Mystery of Christafarianism" was written in about a year's time. A very, very intense year.

Hot debates, the uncovering of facts which Christafari continually tries to keep "the public's eye" from reading, journalistic research and Biblical testing all pointed out to the neccesity to expose Christafarianism as a false teaching and therefore "the Christafarian" as a false teacher. And so it was done.


Then, Yahoo (the webhosting provider for the Dubroom) announced some big new thing for the webmasters. It was now possible to have PHP on your website. PHP is another language like HTML but different. It enables the webmaster and the visitors to deal with the content of a website more interactively. 

There is much software written in PHP and one of these programms is called PHP NUKE. Yahoo included an outdated version of PHP Nuke for the webmasters to install on their websites. They didn't mention how it was kind of impossible to upgrade the software since the servers wouldn't let you upload certain files.

So, around the end of october, "Dubroom Interactive" was born. A news Portal, with download and link archives where people could add their own material quite easily. A very interesting collection was about to come into existance! 

But then there was a hack, around the end of december. Someone, refering to himself as an "Aryan" from "Iran", decided to place a message on the front page. He has mad himself an administrator. The next day, someone changed the footer (that is the code on the end of pages) so that it would display a muslim message to give the "hack" a Bin Ladin vibe. It was impossible to protect the portal against these hacks as it was impossible to upgrade the software. But some research has been made into the person of the "hacker". 

At this moment, most of the portal is accesible again, although it is no longer active. And the situation has been set back to about october 2005. And that is very unfortunate, as Dubroom Interactive potentially could have become a platform for online artists and writers. Nevertheless, it is still one of the goals of this website to create such a thing so Jah willing it will be done.



Online Artist Ganja Fyah Dub challenged Messian Dread for a DUB Duel. Others joined in an it was more or lessed agreed upon that the Ali Baba riddim would be used as foundation for these tracks. Ganjah Fyah made a tune called "Straight To Messian Dread's Head", after the track "STR8 2 GFD Head" was released. 



The coming months will be spend to give the Dubroom a more clean look. Websites such as the CRC and the MP3 Portal will go through a change as well. The Jah Roots website and others will be renovated, too. Jah Willing!

Radio Dubroom will probably come back around july 2006, Jah Willing. 

We will also - Jah Willing- try to make a website from where it is possible to download and buy Dubroom Music by not only Messian Dread but also other artists. This will not be another download site, but music presented by the Dubroom.

A weblog will probably also installed in the Ifficial Home of Messian Dread and maybe even on other places of the website too. Jah Willing!



There were a lot of things in 2005 that can be labeled as trials and frustration. Two step forward, one step backwards. And sometimes even one step forward and two steps backward.  




Yesus Kristos


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