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Not only do I create and perform musical works with all my heart and soul, I'm at least as passionate about writing down my thoughts and feelings. Reasoning, meditating and analysing is all part of this and by putting it down in words Jah has enabled me to share it with others. 


Messian Dread Articles and Columns

WWW, October 2007 - The Internet is an enormous battlefield in the ancient war of Satan against JAH and His Creation. Very interesting, because a lot is going on in plain sight and you only need to (use your) eyes to see.

The Internet used to be called a "virtual reality", but that phrase is not as much in use anymore as it used to be. Personally, I am happy with that as there is not so much "virtual" in Cyberspace anyway. 

At least, not in relation to what I sometimes refer to as the Outernet. 

You could even paraphrase and say: "As it is in the Outernet, so shall it be in the Internet"! For how many people are not living in a virtual reality without even having an Internet account?

Cyberspace is real. It's up to the individual Cybernaut what (s)he's doing in it, but there's nothing virtual about the Internet. It's "just" a place where you can do anything you can do in the Outernet, and more. It's "just" a place where people dwell. 

And more than just people, too!

Just like in the Outernet, there is a war going on in Cyberspace. And I am not talking about spammers and stalkers, trolls and Big Brother programs like Echelon, even though these can be symptomatic in a way. 

I am talking about a spiritual war. And there's nothing virtual about it!

Actually, I should even be more precise. It's not just a spiritual war, you know. It's the spiritual war between the queendom of darkness and the Kingdom of JAH that we find ourselves in. It's the war that started when Lucifer wanted to rise above the Most High in order to become what he can never be.

This war, therefore, is an ancient war. It started even before mankind was created and nobody really knows how long all of this has been going on. 

All of this leaves us with the fact that creation is in a fallen state and there are basically three kinds of beings roaming in it. These beings are all affected by the war, someway or another.

Let's make a summary.

Some are created by Jah and follow Him. These are the angels of Jah, the beings you see described in the Bible, and Jah knows how many more intelligent species He created.

Others are created by Jah but in a fallen state. We find ourselves in this state, as sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. Lucifer and his fallen angelic host will also see themselves described here. However, there's a big difference as they were created perfect and left that state out of their own choice. For us, it's exactly the other way around. Jah made it possible for us to get in contact with Him and even to reach perfection when we leave this physical body to be with Him forever, but we are now in a fallen state because or bodies carry sin.

Then there are those beings who Jah never intended to be in existence in the first place, such as the Nephilim or the unholy offspring of angelic beings and daughters of men as described in Genesis 6.

Basically, when you are one of the three groups described, you are involved in this war. Whether you like it or not, that is. Whether you know it or not, that is. 

You might be a warrior, fighting on any side. Depending on which side you're on, you will be either enslaving people or setting them free. You will either chant down Babylon in many levels or try to build her structures.

You might be a victim, imprisoned by the wicked ones and set free by one of JAH's warriors by the Power of Yesus Kristos Who really is JAH. You might even be born again and still affected by the many results of trauma and torture you were given as treatment by your former slave masters and tormenters.

You might be created by Jah, but still on Satan's side and fighting for his interests and you may find yourself in battle with JAH Warriors as a result of it.

Whatever the case, the war is real. Whether you like it or not, whether you know it or not. 

For us, this war is spiritual in nature. Spiritual, not because there are no symptoms in this physical realm, but because we are spiritual beings ourselves. When we are born again, that is.

Yesus Kristos came to earth. He is JAH and made it possible for us to become children of the Most High through His Holy Spirit. This makes us spiritual beings who are placed in Jah's Kingdom. It's not about our flesh, our bodies, but about our spirits. For our bodies are still in that fallen state.

Those of us humans who are born in Spirit, know themselves to be placed within something known as "the Body of Christ". This is not the literal physical body of Yesus Kristos, though. It is a description of the total sum of all born again people of all times and places. A mystical assembly that can never be attended by uninvited guests!

Within this body, there are many organs and thing. Everyone has a specific, special place... and function! We function in our own time and place, equipped with a unique combination of gifts and talents that make us do our things as humans and as spirit people.

Our spiritual functions can be quite different than our physical. There's no general rule, as Jah has made everyone in a special way. In fact, those who are the most "important" are usually those who are physically the most despised.

One thing is for sure, though.

All members of the Body of Christ are involved in the spiritual war. Not everyone is a spiritual warrior, but everyone has to fight still. If only in their own lives, for they have to fight down temptations and sins. But usually, it goes a little further than that.

For JAH's spiritual warriors, it definitely goes further than that!

JAH Warriors do many things. Most of the actions can be classified under two main "categories", though. JAH Warriors will chant down Babylon in many ways, while they can also be labeled as Freedom Fighters as they liberate souls out of bondage into freedom. 

Chanting down the slave masters and downpressors, setting the captives free and wiping away transgression. In the Name of Yesus.

Satan has his warriors, too. Many of them are not even aware of their identity, as they serve the father of lies who can only get a following by spreading lies anyway. Some are even so blinded, that they think they are JAH Warriors where in fact they are fighting on the other side and doing quite the opposite of what JAH Warriors are (supposed to be) doing.

Satan's warriors enslave souls. They destroy JAH's creation, will even corrupt it for their own use. They do not act out of spiritual motivations at all, as they only strive to serve their own carnal lusts. And in the process, as said, they might even be thinking how they are fighting for the Good Lord God "Jesus Christ".  

JAH Warriors do not fight against flesh and blood: the bodies and souls of other humans. JAH Warriors fight for flesh and blood, and against spiritual beings of all kinds and sorts. The weapons of their warfare are not carnal either. 

Satan's warriors do fight against flesh and blood, they even need flesh and blood to fight certain battles. Although the demons, fallen angels and what have you have supernatural powers, in the end you see that Satan very much needs the eyes and ears of his minions and even has to make use of technology to get what he wants!

This is where the UFO's enter. This is where Big Brother control programs such as Echelon and what have you enter. This is why Satan need kings and queens to create police states so that they can downpress JAH children in their flesh and blood.

This is where the slave ships enter that took Africans to the so-called New World to work as slaves to build what one "founding father" called "The New Atlantis".

This is where... the Internet enters!

Zillions of gigabytes transfer themselves almost at the speed of light over the cables and satellite airwaves every second. Millions and millions of websites and billions of people enter Cyberspace in search for whatever it is they (think they) are living for.

Websites, Cybernauts, communities, everything that happens in the Outernet is happening in the Internet as well, with this one big difference: in Cyberspace the possibilities to do whatever you want to do are seemingly endless.

You can wake up and travel the world in a few minutes. Checking the news on the other side of the planet, and get to know things from yet another place you can probably never travel to in the Outernet.

Your body might be sitting behind a computer, but in a way your soul is definitely traveling "to and fro" as the saying goes. Spiritually, this has many implications too.

Satan is described as the prince of the power of the air and he is as dependant on technology as human flesh and blood is. He and his warriors or minions, whether spiritual or flesh and blood, are traveling to and fro as well, surfing the world wide web.

Sometimes, they land on the Dubroom as well. The Dubroom Messageboards, for example. Not all of them post, but they will throw curses at others who do. Or they will even try to contact people through private messaging. Some will even try to spread lies and curses from the forum itself, in an attempt to use the Dubroom for their own wicked things.

Take this recent battle with one of such warriors.

This warrior started to post all kinds of glorifications of Satan. He made it clear that he came to mash down the worship of Yesus Kristos the Creator, while in the same time he explained that he was acting out of obedience to an entity he called "god". 

He knew himself to be a warrior, even presented himself this way. He simply came for a fight. His weapons? Trickery, deception, even temptations. Spiritually, even. Some of his actions also came with supernatural manifestations even in the Outernet. (MORE)

Satan's warriors do the opposite of what JAH Warriors do. Satan's warriors try to gather souls in order to capture and sell them on the marketplace. And they will need physical/psychological weapons to get there, too!

Don't think that all of Satan's warriors are like lone wolves roaming the Internet and trying to mash down places where some worship of Creator is being practiced. 

In fact, they even settle down in certain places in Cyberspace. Yes, there are what you could call possessed websites and the reality of this should not be underestimated at all.

No, it's not just those websites that deadicate themselves to Satan. Not only these websites that are aimed at getting your money in exchange for certain sinful activities. Even though such websites could be seen as enough evidence already of the reality of the fact that yes there are possessed websites aimed at enslaving the souls of men.

No, it's not just these websites of which the owners are working for some kind of sinful goal either. Not just the websites of the obvious cults and religious industrial complexes of any kind present themselves as messengers of "god".

In fact, the owners of the websites do not even have to know about all of this themselves! Of course not, for Satan is a liar and a thief and he will simply use what is not his in the first place. Don't think his minions or warriors will be any different.

Additionally, Satan and his minions are also like pirates. They have to feed themselves in order to exist, and so they will try to find those places where there is food. In their case, human souls. That's why there is a battle in the first place!

JAH Warriors on the other hand get their food and instructions directly from the Most High Himself. JAH's orders are clear: free the captives, wipe away transgression and chant down Babylon wherever He sends His Warriors. 

Fully equipped and spiritually conscious, they will simply do what Father JAH tells them to do. Sometimes, they will work together with other warriors of JAH Army, and sometimes they will be "alone".

In Cyberspace, this is no different. 

What is different, is that much of it takes place in plain sight because it takes place on the Internet. And exactly this makes spiritual warfare on the Internet so interesting for all of JAH's Children to learn deeper what it means to be involved in this war of Satan against Jah and His Creation.

But you need to use your eyes to see.

JAH Warriors can be Cybernauts who simply surf the world wide web and fight down demonic strongholds. JAH Warriors might have websites themselves, and they might fight against principalities and powers on other sites of which the owners have no idea what's going on.

JAH Warriors will not try to gather souls and make them depending, in other words JAH Warriors are no slave masters. JAH Warriors will on the other hand go directly into strongholds of the enemy, set captives free and point them out directly to the Creator Himself.

JAH Warriors come in many forms and varieties, too. Some you will recognize as they are out there in the open, others will work more covertly in a way. 

There are those who break down strongholds and set people free, without these people ever knowing what exactly happened to them. Additionally, some will fight for others who are more in the open. They will "stand in the gap" for a part of the battle that another Warrior is fighting.

The war is real, the spiritual warriors -whether human or otherwise- are real, everything is out there in plain sight for those who have eyes to see. Just like the UFO phenomena is proven to be real because of modern technology, so is the spiritual war of Satan against JAH and His Creation out there in the open on the Internet.

But, just like it is in the Outernet, you need to have eyes to see. 

Many people will consider this whole article a waste of time and will probably not even have come this far in this article anyway. They will simply go on with their daily life and will leave the spooky stories up to weirdo's like me, who do consider all of this to be very real and relevant in their own daily life.

Throughout the years, I have seen many forms and varieties of the spiritual war(riors) on the Internet. I have witnessed -and participated in- spiritual battles, there are even sometimes battles going on on the Dubroom Message Boards! 

I have seen people being bought and sold into spiritual slavery, I have seen people being set free from it as well. I have seen wolves and other warriors of Satan gather flocks of souls and bind them into spiritual slavery, I have witnessed JAH Warriors set the captives free.

I have -and still am- visiting websites of which I know they are possessed, even by spiritual entities that will sometimes fight me because I visit "their" website. Just like I will visit places in the Outernet of which I know exactly the same.

I will go there and do what I do. Sometimes I just visit, sometimes I will do some thing. Sometimes I am invited, and sometimes I simply go. For those who consider spiritual war to be fictional, I would not do anything they would consider strange, where others definitely know what it is I am doing.

I do not fight flesh and blood. This means, I don't do anything that will harm my brotherman or sisterwoman. 

When I visit a website, for example a music website, I will simply post my music as a Reggae Musician because I am a Reggae Musician. I might be surrounded by evil, I will just be myself and present my musical works.

I am also grateful to know that sometimes Jah will use my music to bless other people. I even heard stories how people were being set free in a process that also had the music I create to praise JAH involved with. 

They might have downloaded it from a website that will have 99% of Satanic material on it. The owner of that website may not even be aware of the war that takes place under his nose as he is simply pleased with all the traffic. 

They might have heard it on a place where I performed where there is usually some very evil stuff going on. the owners of these places might not be aware of all of this either. They might simply be pleased with the fact that the vibe was good while Reggae Music played and don't even think how that could be.

Sometimes, the battle is heavy as Satan's warriors may not like me around. Repeatedly throughout the years, I stumble upon such situations. Christafari, for example, is a big example of this. 

You simply are there, as a Reggae Musician, you know, loving Jah and praising Him, and all of a sudden you find yourself surrounded by wolves and hypocrites who pretend to be just like you and you don't even realize it at first glance.

This is what happened to me when I stumbled upon Christafari. Now -over a decade later- I know better and have identified them in body soul and spirit to be workers for Satan on every level of their consciousness, if they have one that is. 

I can write a book full of supernatural spooky stories how the occult and the demonic showed their supernatural but ugly face in the help of Christafari. But the nature behind all of this can also be seen too on what is written on the Internet. 

As an example of spiritual warfare.

I would like to encourage every child of Jah to pray. Pray, that their eyes will be opened to the reality of the spiritual war that is going on. Pray, that things will be seen from this spiritual perspective rather than a physical or carnal one, so the struggles and tribulations one has to face will be seen in the right perspective too.

One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread.

Please consider the writing above as the personal opinion/observation of Messian Dread rather than "Official Dubroom Policy" or something like that. 




Yesus Kristos


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