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Not only do I create and perform musical works with all my heart and soul, I'm at least as passionate about writing down my thoughts and feelings. Reasoning, meditating and analysing is all part of this and by putting it down in words Jah has enabled me to share it with others. 


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WWW, January 2007 - In an article and video entitled "Rastafarians v. Pagan 'Christian' Messian Dread", we can see how people who admittedly "do not recommend Rastafari" try to suggest a fight within the Movement that is not there.

A reply to and exposure of Christ-deniers acting like agent provocateurs caught in the act of yet another attack on Rasta's and Christians and especially those who are both.

There are people who call themselves "Christian" but will deny the Divinity of Yesus Kristos. They come in a wide variety of styles, and sometimes have nothing more in common but that rejection of (the fact that) Yesus Kristos is JAH, or God.

Let's call them "Christ-deniers".

For usually, their one and only message is "Jesus is not Jah".

Their "gospel" can be summarized as "Do not believe that Yesus is God and ye shall be saved", if you will... And their target audience are not the "unsaved", but rather those who... believe that Yesus Kristos is really JAH!

Their hate against that Yesus Who is JAH can take giant proportions. It is, for example, definitely not unusual for a Christ-denier to go to places where Yesus Kristos is worshipped as Jah and try to break down that worship using methods straight out of the Babylonian mystery-schools.

Many of them have an incredible knowledge about every line and sentence in the Bible. Like the Pharisees in the days when Jah walked on earth to save us, their argumentation is solely based on a particular interpretation of the Bible and a rather revealing method d'operandi.

Because, it is not easy to deny from the Bible that Yesus is really JAH.

This can be recognized in the fact that the well-known cult of Christ-deniers known as the Jehovah Witnesses choose to create their own "Bible Translation" from where they could then easily "proof" that "Yesus is not Jah" to a rather uninformed target audience.

Christ-deniers have a significant different message than the original Gospel, which is the reason why they predominantly target Christians.

Obviously, for true Christians it's not debatable as to whether Yesus is Jah or not. If He is not JAH, He simply cannot be the Saviour. If He is not JAH, He must be a created being and this would mean that created beings can save created beings.

Everything boils down to the fact that Yesus is really JAH and to deny this is to believe in a lie. When you're a Christian, that is.

For true Christians, it is not a question where the Christ-denying lie comes from and what it's purpose is. Obviously, the lie comes from the father of lies, Satan, and it's purpose is to bring true Christians under a delusion that they have to (not) do all kinds of things and things in order to be "saved".

The apostle Paulus has written extensively on this topic. For example, in the book of Galatians he talks about the Christ-deniers being anathema for presenting "a different Christ and a different gospel". He warned his readers for these messengers of deception: "Just like the serpent beguiled Eve, you are also beguiled", he said.

It shouldn't be too much of a surprise to find out that many Christ-deniers have a strong hate against the apostle Paulus, as they find him on their way time and time again.

You see, the Christ-deniers are on a mission to break down the worship of Yesus Kristos. A "holy war" if you will, which gives them the impression they can and must somehow use "all means necessary" to make people stop worshipping the Divine Saviour.

One of these methods became clear last January 11, 2008, when I was alerted to a video on Youtube that somehow suggested I appeared in it.

The video was announced by the uploader as follows:

Messian Dread: Rastafarians V. the Trinitarian Pagan Cult' is it the non-Roman Christianity of the Rastafarians that is Satanic, or instead that of their opponents, the followers of the Constantinian Roman edict at Nicea? We ask this question to Messian Dread.
this channel recomends neither the Rastafarian nor the Pagan theology of Rome. (LINK)

As I watched the video, it became clear that it was taken from a series of reasonings by Mutabaruka, a well respected independent freethinking Rastafarian and DUB Poet, whose music is reviewed on the Dubroom and whose reasonings I would recommend listening to, even though I personally disagree with him on a number of issues.

Issues, not foundational for Rastafari but very much so for the Christian Faith, of which I know myself to be a member too.

What was not clear, though, was just what my name was doing there in that video. The presentation somehow suggested that it was me speaking there, and I could not imagine why someone would suggest a thing like that.

They couldn't have done it out of love and respect for the Movement of Rastafari, that thing was quite clear to me. They were not Rasta's either. In fact, they were anti-Rasta and obviously trying to provoke something.

After all, in their own words they did "not recommend Rastafari" and talked about the "Christianity of the Rastafarians" where there is no such thing as the "Christianity of the Rastafarians".

I did a little research and discovered an article called "Rastafarians v. Pagan 'Christian' Messian Dread", wherein some thing became more clear. These anti-Rastafarians considered me a Pagan for worshipping Yesus Kristos as JAH and acknowledging the Trinity, just like the Ethiopian Emperor did when he assumed the name Selassie (Selassie means Trinity).

The article started with a link to the video on Youtube and the following review of it:

Their (The Rasta's in the Video, MD) quarrel is with the "white Christ" in whose name racist crimes have been perpetrated, not the true Christ, Messiah Yahshua. We endorse their rejection of the Pagan Cult, Toam Trinitarianism, whether Catholic or Protestant, since together with the Pauline error, extinguishes the firs of Yeshua's teaching on Salvation. Yet we do not endorse the Unitarian,or Trinitarian Selassie religion, though its Christian spirit of Messianic Judaism will most likely be greeted with mercy and grace from the one YHWH, the most gracious and merciful. LINK

I recognized the page as one of a Christ-denier. All kinds of Bible scriptures, a denial of the writings of Paulus the Apostle, and an inability to see any Christianity outside of a denomination or other ism.

Signs of con-fusion or Babylon all over!

I also recognized more attempts to divide Rasta as it turned out the writer was well aware of the fact that Selassie means "Trinity" and how there are really many different views on Christ and the Emperor within the Movement.

This was obviously an attempt to fight Rastafari. In a rather dirty way, I might add.

Trying to put one Rasta against another for something that is foundational for a Christian but not necessarily for a Rasta, by someone who admittedly does "not recommend Rastafari" and obviously has an issue with the fact that I do believe Yesus Kristos to be JAH: I needed to do a little bit more research.

I found another website by the same people. Interestingly enough, they presented themselves as part of "The antithesis of the current satanic system". The "good cop" in a game-of-downpression known as the Hegelian Dialectic.

Just like New Age "researchers" such as Michael Tsarion and Jordan Maxwell present themselves as opposers of Babylon System where in reality they are teaching the very doctrines of the ancient Mystery Schools, here we had another participant in the game of thesis and anti-thesis, the divide-and-rule tactique.

The Christ-deniers wanted me to choose between their thesis and their anti-thesis, too. They gave me a choice between:

the non-Roman Christianity of the Rastafarians (...), or instead that of their opponents, the followers of the Constantinian Roman edict at Nicea (LINK)

Now obviously, with the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie being a "Trinitarian", for the name Selassie means Trinity, the difference between a Christian Rasta and one who follows the Babylonian Church-and-State system called Babylon, is not based on one's view on the Trinity.

It was obvious, that this was a trick-question and an attempt to put Rastafari against Rastafari.

It was obvious an attack on the Divinity of Yesus Kristos Himself, even!

I continued my research.

Next to audio files with titles like "Paul the False Apostle" I could also click on long citations from the Islamic Koran. I remembered seeing a comment on yet a third website by the same people, that said how Islam was supposed to be closer to "early Christianity" than "modern day Trinitarian Christianity".

These people obviously had a very, very big problem with the fact that Yesus Kristos really is JAH, and with the fact that I do proclaim my belief in this Yesus Kristos Who is JAH.

Additionally, they have a big problem with Rastafari too.

Even though they admittedly "do not recommend Rastafari", they saw no problem in defining the "Christianity of the Rastafarians", even though there is no such thing as a "Christianity of the Rastafarians".

It's an absurdity, of course. A line of reasoning that is so obviously a teaching from Satan's book of tricks that it needs no further comment.

If you admittedly "do not recommend Rastafari", than why not simply leave it alone? The Movement of Rastafari is not based on no writs and rites, but on a matter of the heart.

I do recommend Rastafari, and I also recommend the Divine Saviour Yesus Kristos for everyone.

And sure, there is plenty debate within the Movement of Rastafari about the person of Yesus Kristos, about the Ethiopian Emperor, and a lot more.

But none of these things are to be used by someone who has an issue with my Christianity rather than my Rastafarian sympathies if you will.

Give Thanks, One Love
Messian Dread

Please consider the writing above as the personal opinion/observation of Messian Dread rather than "Official Dubroom Policy" or something like that. 




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