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Not only do I create and perform musical works with all my heart and soul, I'm at least as passionate about writing down my thoughts and feelings. Reasoning, meditating and analysing is all part of this and by putting it down in words Jah has enabled me to share it with others. 


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WWW, January 2008 - This morning, when I checked out the feedback on the Dubroom, it happened again: "Haile Selassie Is Not God", some comment read.

Haile Selassie means "Power of the Trinity". Obviously, for Christians it is not so difficult to identify the Lord God and Saviour Yesus Kristos, because is it not so that He told us: "Unto Me is given all power in Heaven and on Earth"?

But this self-proclaimed Christian who wrote the comment on the Dubroom, was not denying that.

He, or she, was referring to the Ethiopian Emperor Tafari Makonnen, who was crowned Haile Selassie in the 1930's. And to the fact that many, but not all, within the Movement named after Ras (Head) Tafari, believe that this Ethiopian Emperor is in fact what his name and title mean.

The Ethiopian Emperor himself, however, never claimed to be what his names and titles mean. In fact, he strongly denied being Jah and boldly proclaimed to be a Christian himself. The Emperor did make claims of being a descendant of King David, though, a claim that many believe to be true.

In spite of popular belief, not all Rasta's believe the Ethiopian Emperor to be God, either.

Take Gadman, the leader of the biggest Rasta Organization in the world. In an interview with Jamaican Radio Station IRE FM, he made statements concerning the fact that he made a differentiation between the Emperor and Jesus Christ and how one could only be saved by the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Yours truly is also of the belief that the Ethiopian Emperor is not what his names mean, which is widely known. Being the transcriber of the authorized transcription of Gadman's interview, being the Webmaster of a website where the Emperor can be heard denying he is Jah, I can hardly be "accused" of believing His Imperial Majesty to be JAH.

So, what made this person write that comment which provoked this article? An answer may be found in a comment on yet another website, where someone posted the following description of me:

Messian Dread, a Zeph Daniel close, Rastafarian, etc. Yeah right, he's someone I want to listen to. (LINK)

The comment was made by a self-proclaimed Christian who apparantly did not agree with statements I made concerning Michael Tsarion, a New Age propagandist and apologist for such evil men as Aleister Crowley.

Apart from the fact that for the sake of this article it is not so important who Michael Tsarion is and so on, it is interesting to read the ad hominem argument as it came. If you can't win the argument, you start attacking the person and this time I was being accused for being a "Rastafarian".

It's very interesting, to read how apparantly "being a Rastafarian" is a reason for a self-proclaimed "Christian" to not listen to what I have to say.

What is so wrong about "being a Rastafarian"?

Sure, it could very well be that this person's admitted refusal to check out just what I am saying led her or him to the idea that I somehow believe the Ethiopian Emperor to be Jah. "Don't confuse me with the facts", I read between the lines there...

However, since Zeph Daniel was mentioned, I do not necessarily jump to that conclusion easily.

Zeph Daniel is a talk show host, among many other things, and I have appeared on his radio show a couple of times. I explained how not all Rasta's believe the Emperor to be what his names mean and therefore you cannot define the Movement of Rastafari as a religion based on worship of the Ethiopian Emperor.

Just like many Arab people believe in the god of Islam, Allah, not all Arabs do. Therefore, to say that all Arabs are Muslims is an untrue statement and yet a variation on that theme can be found time and time again in statement and comments from self-proclaimed Christians on what they claim are "Rastafarians".

So, it could be that the self-proclaimed Christian did not want to be confused with the facts about the Movement and person of Rastafari and simply chose to attack me for who I am rather than what I have to say.

That would definitely explain the comment I read this morning.

However, I have also noticed that within certain self-proclaimed "Christian" circles, it is not enough to deny the Emperor to be Jah anyway.

Simply speaking positively about the Emperor, can provoke an "anathema". Trying to place his personality and function in a biblical perspective because of the Davidic bloodline, is being seen as "worshipping" too.

"Haile Selassie Is Not God", is the message. The one-and-only message, so it seems!

Don't even bother moving forward by trying to find out just who he is, since he is not Jah. Don't try pointing out to the special place Ethiopia has in the Bible, either.

What is it, that makes self-proclaimed Christians curse the Emperor and Rastafarians regardless as to whether they believe the Emperor to be Jah or not?

It is my strong conviction, that this has everything to do with something that "all" Rastafarians would agree to.

For it is not so, that all Rastafarians believe the Ethiopian Emperor to be JAH, as just a little bit of research will reveal to every genuine seeker of Truth. The Dubroom website is actually ministering to these very seekers of Truth by providing nuff evidence to proof the undeniable fact.

But there are definitively things that "all" Rastafarians would agree to, things not in agreement with "Christian Correctness" as defined by the western forms of organized "Christianity" and it's offshoots.

One of these things is the identification of what is usually called "Western Judeo-Christian Civilization" as "Babylon System". In addition to that, "all Rastafarians" would identify Haile Selassie's Ethiopia as a true Judeo-Christian culture or civilization!

By doing so, Rastafarians express a total rejection of a paradigm that is so prominent within the structures of western Christianity. A paradigm that dictates people to defend a Church-and-State system responsible for keeping people in mental slavery ever since the Roman emperor Constantine "legalized" "Christianity" in 325 AD or thereabout.

The European colonialism that followed in itself can be traced back to the destroyed foundations of the ancient Tower-of-Babel, a fact that is often used by New Age "researchers" such as Michael Tsarion and Jordan Maxwell in order to discredit what they will call "Christianity".

These propagandists will point out to the alleged Christianity of warmongering presidents and popes as some kind of definitive proof that Yesus Kristos and His Message of Salvation is to be rejected as fiction. Self-proclaimed Christians will confirm this idea by basically agreeing with the identification of "Christianity" and apply bizarre reasoning to defend these self-proclaimed Christian downpressors.

The Movement of Rastafari definitely takes a separate position in all of this.

Founded in Jamaica by descendants of Africans whose fore parents were taken as slaves on ships that had names like "Jesus", the early Rastafarians knew too well how the Jesus that was worshipped by their slave masters could never be the real Most High God and Creator.

They knew, that -unlike Europe- Ethiopia or Africa is mentioned in the Bible straight from the start, where it is listed as being part of the Garden of Eden. They knew, that -unlike Europe- the first church outside of Israel was located in this very same Ethiopia, as this very same Bible tells us through the Book of Acts.

This particular knowledge is spelled out in the very same Bible that the Babylonians who defend their Church-and-State system as "Judeo-Christian" claim to uphold. The Bible makes it very clear, how the Good Lord God Jah looks on that system as a "Beast" and in especially the last book, called Revelation or the Apocalypse, even announces it's ultimate destruction at the very return of Jesus Christ.

Still, we see people who claim to be Christian, who claim to know all about the Divine Saviour and believe themselves to be Born Again through His Holy Spirit, strongly defending a system that is so clearly condemned by the Most High God Himself!

Their only comment about a true Judeo-Christian king who himself pointed out to Yesus Kristos continually, and about a Movement inspired by this Emperor to be prophetic voices in the identification of the western "Judeo-Christian" civilization as Babylon and her upcoming downstruction, is one of utter and total rejection.

Instead of moving forward after realizing how -indeed- the Ethiopian Emperor is not Jesus Christ by trying to discover just who he was if not Jah, these self-proclaimed Christians team up with New Age researchers such as Michael Tsarion and write totally irrelevant and unnecessary comments about the Dubroom and the writings of yours truly.

They are obviously offended when their beloved "Judeo-Christian" system is identified for what she really is!

It's really not about worshipping the Emperor as God. It has been sufficiently proven how not all Rastafarians worship the Emperor as God and therefore that particular belief cannot be used to describe a whole Movement, so there is another reason why Rasta is attacked by self-proclaimed Christians.

I believe, it has to do with identification.

We can hear time and time again, how the West is supposedly built on "Judeo-Christian values and morals", how for example the founding father of the United States of America were supposed to be Christian and how very Christian the constitution of these United States is supposed to be.

Or we can hear it in the absurd claims of the European royal bloodlines that claim descendance from Jesus Christ and wear supposed Christian symbology in order to "proof" their case.

Self-proclaimed Christians who have an allegiance with this system we have identified as Babylon, will usually get very mad and angry whenever their beloved system is exposed for the antichrist shitstem that she really is.

Just like their fore parents who went to Africa as "teachers" of what they called "Christianity" to the "undeveloped savages", they will continue exposing their superiority complex to those "pot smoking, emperor-worshipping Jamaican hippies" and not only refuse to check out things for themselves, but perpetuate the myth of a "Judeo-Christian" Babylon.

I think, that it is time for everyone who truly know themselves to be born again through the Holy Spirit to actually start finding the truth out for themselves rather than relying on so-called "researchers" with their pack of lies to attack a Christianity that has nothing to do with the true Message of Yesus Kristos.

I think, that it is time for every self-proclaimed "Christian" to check out just what I am writing about the Emperor, about Yesus, rather than perpetuating lies about Rastafari and insults to a Christian brother who happened to be Emperor of Ethiopia and chose the name "Power of the Trinity" to express who he was really worshipping!

Give Thanks, One Love
Messian Dread

Please consider the writing above as the personal opinion/observation of Messian Dread rather than "Official Dubroom Policy" or something like that. 




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