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Not only do I create and perform musical works with all my heart and soul, I'm at least as passionate about writing down my thoughts and feelings. Reasoning, meditating and analysing is all part of this and by putting it down in words Jah has enabled me to share it with others. 


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rhythm of the SPIRITUAL WARrior
WWW, November 2007 - When Saul was possessed by an evil spirit, David would come and play music to drive the duppy away. What is the role of music in spiritual war?

Just recently, I released a tune called "Rhythm of the Spiritual Warrior". It is a heavy Dub tune with lyrics identifying the spiritual warriors and more important: what they do. 

It goes like this:

I come to chant down Babylon
I come to chant down the Serpent
I come to Dub Down De Dragon
Inna the Name of Yesus Kristos: JAH!

This is the Hardcore Dub
Heavy Heavy Hardcore DUB
This Is The Rhythm
Of The Spiritual Warrior

I come to chant down the Dragon
I come to chant down Babylon
I come to free up the souls of Jah Children
Once more, once more, once more...

It took me two weeks to create the tune, and it wasn't because of a lack of inspiration or something like that. I had to go through immense spiritual warfare. It seemed like no method was spared from the side of the enemy to keep me from working on the tune. 

The theme of the tune isn't what it is for nothing, you know...

But why did the enemy take this tune so serious? How come, after all a musical tune is just a drum and bassline with some stuff on top of it, right?


Some years ago, I heard a remarkable story. Two people took LSD or a substance like that, and started to play my music. I don't know which tune or so, and it was a while back as well, but as soon as the music started to play they had a life-changing experience.

Expecting to have some kind of psychedelic experience because of the drugs and the music, the two sat down and waiting for what was to come. They did not expect what was about to follow: it was Yesus Kristos Himself Who appeared to them!

Obviously, there is a connection between spiritual things and music.

Just like music plays a part in the process of healing the soul, raising consciousness and providing energy for JAH Children to live another day, there is also the Rhythm Of The Spiritual Warrior.

It's not just that I can witness this myself, we can also see it for example when Rastafarians come together to play the Nyabinghy rhythm as a part of their spiritual warfare against Babylon Queendom.

The Bible is full of examples too wherein music plays a part in the spiritual warfare that takes place because Satan and his workers fight against JAH and His creation. One look to the Book of the Apocalypse reveals how seven musical instruments announce the coming judgement of JAH over the wicked ones, for example.

And what to say about David, a skilled musician and spiritual warrior who used his music as part of his warfare against evil spirits that tormented king Saul? Or the Israelites using music to break down the walls of Jericho?

Being the DUB musician that I am, I obviously use the rhythm of the drum and bassline in my spiritual warfare too. I have seen many times, how music broke down the power of evil strongholds in places where this music was played. Sometimes with a band, sometimes alone with a multi-track recorder, I have seen the "Saul effect" many times. 

Recently, I witnessed how someone was delivered from a whole set of evil spirits in several hours. It happened in my studio, where also people come together to reason and pray.

We had been playing music all afternoon, praising Jah and doing spiritual warfare in the process. Playing music has an effect on the soul, which when it's controlled can be used for spiritual things and that is exactly what I was doing.

You see, some people might close their eyes or bow their knees to give their prayers strength. More power to them, I would say. For it is a way to use our body to get our soul in contact with the spirit.

When you are a spiritual warrior and a musician, it is obvious how music can play a very big role in the function of spiritual warfare as the soul of the spiritual warrior is very important in the process.

We are created in the Image of Jah, the Trinity. We are created body, soul and spirit. After we become born again, we get a new spirit and this spirit is perfect, because (s)he is born from Jah. Our bodies carry sin, and carry our individual souls as well. 

Spiritual warfare, the word says it, takes place within the spirit realm. Our spirits are the active part of our little trinity of body soul and spirit. Because our spirit is connected with the Holy Spirit of JAH Who also dwells within our body, our spirits have no need to be taught and are in perfect communication with the Holy One, with JAH.

However, we are also soul and body. Our bodies carry sin and are what the evil ones call "containers" for our spirits and our souls. The spiritual battle is usually because of the soul, too.

And that is where the music enters!

For music is all about the soul. We see the workers of Satan's Queendom using music big time, enslaving billions and billions of souls throughout all times and spaces. Some even claim, that Satan himself (before he became Satan, that is) was an angel that had to do with music!

Music can take the soul to a lower level, but also to a higher one. Within Reggae and Rasta Culture, we called this "Ire Ites", or High Regions, Heights!

I can't really say when I first started to be aware of the spiritual elements of certain musical works. But I do know, that it was around 1994 that I learned how I myself was a part of this as well.

In that time, a few years before I would step my first steps in Cyberspace, I was basically doing nothing but making music and doing spiritual warfare. Every day, I would wake up to go to my little "Dub Room" as I called it, and would start to make music.

I would make a riddim, then run it through my mixing board where I would voice and dub in the same time. I have 100's and 100's of tunes on cassette that I will never release but they were done in that time.

I noticed, how I worked out certain spiritual knowledge and insight in the music itself. Not just in the lyrics, though. The whole musical work would be dealing with it!

I would for example make a tune about a specific situation. I would chant words in the microphone, but I also would use my hands on my mixing board just like a prayer warrior would hold her or his hands up high to Jah for the very same reason: to add power to the spiritual event that the warrior originates.

Sometimes, these words turned out to be prophetic. Sometimes, they would touch a person directly. A small circle of friends who I shared my musical works with, often told me about their experiences.

Other times, I would simply be fighting down demonic presences in and around the house I was living in at the time. I would make music with a prayerful heart, I would fight spiritual battles too. 

Around 1994, I even developed my own style of Reggae and DUB that has to do with spiritual warfare, and I call it the "Hardcore Dub" or sometimes "Last Iwa Steppers" (Iwa= Hour). The music is intense because of an unorthodox combination of chords, the drum and basslines are very militant. 

The music takes my soul into a state of spiritual warfare in such a way, that I can not do it without music as fast as that. Of course, I don't need anything to do spiritual warfare, because my weapon is Yesus Kristos Himself, but this is the way He works with me.

Or, to put it more precisely: the way He lets me work!

The battles and experiences I am currently involved in, are much harder than what I was doing back in 1994. In retro-spective, I can see that I was still somehow in a "school of musical spiritual warriors", if you will.

It only had been like 4 or 5 years before that, that I was delivered from demonic possession myself. I was possessed from a very young age, and even though I became born again in august 1985, it would still take like 5-7 years before I would be completely free.

After being completely delivered, after I had to cut my dreadlocks somewhere in 1989 because of sins, after realizing I was -and still am- a Separated One or Nazarite, Jah told me that it was time to get serious.

I got serious, back then. Of course I grew my dreads again, because I am a dread and the fact that Jah told me to cut them before did not mean He did not want me to have dreads. He "just" wanted to teach me that I have to be myself, I have to walk in accordance to my calling.

My calling is to be a Separated One or Nazarite, and in my case this means I am a spiritual warrior who listens only to JAH and only does what HE tells me to do, so you can not hire me to do spiritual things for you.

This is what I was working out in the days when I started to learn about the deep connection between spiritual warfare and music. Especially when this music is created by a spiritual warrior and destined to be a tool in spiritual warfare.

Back then, I knew I was fighting against demonic presences and I also had supernatural manifestations going on (they seem to follow me throughout my life), but little did I know of what I know now.

I didn't know about flying serpents, for example. Now I see them "all the time", around people and simply flying their ways. Flying Serpents are a sign of the times, and they seem to be first filmed near Roswell New Mexico, somewhere in... 1994!

But I did know, that I was developing a way of spiritual warfare when I was developing my "Last Iwa Steppers" or "Hardcore DUB" style.

I know, especially in retrospective, that I introduced myself on the spiritual battlefield as I was -in my music- talking directly to spiritual entities, and they would listen!

In the meantime, over 13 years have passed and in that time I obviously grew. I am much more conscious of the power that I have in my hands so to speak, when I produce music. 

The enemy is aware of this, too.

That is why it took me two weeks to produce the tune "Rhythm Of The Spiritual Warrior".

As soon as I would start on the riddim, an enormous "cloud" would cover my house. A cloud with spiritual poison gas, if you will. It would have an effect that make me very, very tired. I had to fight down the effect of the cloud (I have no other word for it) and fighting it would absorb all my energy too.

However, all of this is spiritual warfare and so I was doing spiritual warfare. It was obvious, that the enemy and his workers did not want this tune to be published. And it was obvious, that Jah had given me the order to fight them down while I was producing the tune. 

The tune is also made as a tool in spiritual warfare. No, don't think that you can put the tune on and the demons will flee. No way. Don't even try to experiment with it, because when you play with fire without knowing what you do, you will surely get burned.

Don't think you can manipulate the power in the tune in anyway. Being a spiritual warrior in the Kingdom of JAH is something completely different than being a Warlock in the Queendom of Satan, and the Weapon of the spiritual warriors in Jah Kingdom is Yesus Kristos Himself.

Yesus Kristos will not have Himself be manipulated in any way. So it is HE, Who decides just what will happen with the tune, spiritually spoken. You cannot manipulate Yesus and make Him do what you want Him to do just by playing a tune, oh no!

On the other hand, I do know that Jah uses the tune. You see, there is a specific reason why I produced this tune and why it is named "Rhythm of the Spiritual Warrior". And when you come so far in this article, I think that you really want/need to know.

The tune is my direct answer to a number of spiritual warriors who are fighting on the side of the Queendom of Satan or Babylon. They are cursing my brothers and sisters, putting spells on them so that they will not be able to move forward.

I am talking about serious spiritual warfare here. It involves spells, and even covens of witches and warlocks. Some pretend to be "Christian", maybe some even think they are "Christian". Some attack me, others attack my brothers and sisters who I know to be involved in spiritual war too. 

I knew, that the "cloud" I spoke of earlier in this article was a cloud sent to me to keep me from fighting this battle. You see, my major assignment in this spiritual war is to free up the souls of Jah Children. Additionally, I have to assist other warriors in their battles, as they assist me in my battles. For we are all fighting the same war and fighting on the same side, too!

It happens all the time, and it is caused by the fact that we are living in occupied territory, spiritually spoken. When you are Jah child, doing Jah works, whatever you do will expose Babylon and Satan for what they really are. And they feel it BIGTIME, especially the spiritual warriors.

Yes: Babylon and Satan have their musical spiritual warriors, too. 

One of them even boldly uses the Dubroom Midifiles and gives them satanic titles, without permission of course, as true sons of Satan will do, in a desperate attempt to curse Jah Works. 

Another one will use her coven to put spells over us. We saw this, too. It was the "cloud" that I witnessed and it was also over the heads of some of my fellow spiritual warriors. 

The "cloud" would cause fatigue, but would also come with supernatural manifestations in the lifes of my fellow spiritual warriors and myself. Even stronger: sometimes there was even a mention of natural manifestations as "useful idiots" (to use the jargon of Satan's spiritual warriors) were indeed used.

I knew I had to make a statement. A statement that could be heard in the natural and felt in the natural, too. The reason for that is, that the spiritual warriors of Satan are not able to see spiritually in the way that Jah Warriors can do. 

Satan's warriors think differently than Jah Warriors and this has everything to do with the level of consciousness. For a spiritual warrior on Satan's side, all (s)he can do is carnal things even when it is done in the spiritual realms.

A spiritual warrior on Satan's side usually deals with her or his soul-consciousness. when they do have a consciousness in their soul of their spirit, they will use their spirits to satisfy the needs of their souls. To them, it is very much a game of survival.

Satan's warriors fight, basically, for themselves. They have given their soul to Satan in exchange for some carnal pleasure, whatever that pleasure may be, and they wish to keep their pleasure going on which cannot be done when there are too much of Jah Warriors around.

On the other hand, they do need Jah Children too. Satan's spiritual warriors are usually vampires who fight to survive... Just like this spiritual warrior on Satan's Side needs my music in order to exist!

So that is why Satan's warriors will localize a few of Jah Warriors, and will try to feed of them. They will try to suck the energy that Jah gives His warriors, but not so much that they will die. 

All of this is currently going on BIGTIME in the lifes of some fellow spiritual warriors and myself. 

As said, I needed to make a statement. A statement, wherein I identify myself, and also clearly tell what I am doing.

Being a spiritual warrior on the side of JAH has nothing to do with doing spiritual ritual to feed my carnal pleasures. It has nothing to do with showing some macho-strength either.

It has everything to do with chanting down Babylon and the Serpent, and with liberating the soul of Jah Children.... once more!

I truly don't know what plans JAH has with the tune. Really, I don't. I just know a little bit. I know that tune is and will be used to free people, mystically. Who, what, when? I don't know. I just know that it is dangerous to experiment with it, but if you love JAH and want to get to know Him, the tune might just help you getting into a state of prayer.

Music touches the soul, it comes from the soul. When our soul is conscious of our spirit, when our soul is conscious of who we really are in Yesus Kristos, this music we play active or passive may just make that connection kind of clear on the soul level. 

One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread

Please consider the writing above as the personal opinion/observation of Messian Dread rather than "Official Dubroom Policy" or something like that. 




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