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Not only do I create and perform musical works with all my heart and soul, I'm at least as passionate about writing down my thoughts and feelings. Reasoning, meditating and analysing is all part of this and by putting it down in words Jah has enabled me to share it with others. 


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Messian dread SPIRITUAL Update NOVEMBER 23, 2007
WWW, November 2007 - The year 2007 has been the most intense year in my (spiritual) life, and the year isn't even over yet. Where is my spiritual journey leading me to?

An in-depth report wherein several examples of attempted traumatizing are analyzed and placed in a spiritual perspective.  

A few months ago, I started what I dubbed "a spiritual journey called Psalm 91". It was, and still is, a journey that leads me to a higher overstanding of just who I am, and why things happen the way they do.

The journey started this year, when Jah told me to go public with a lot of things that I would usually keep for myself and/or a small circle of friends or Idren. The reason why I kept them for myself is the fact that it has to do a lot with the supernatural as well as psychology, if you will.

Being a public figure, the reason why I had to share what I had to share is kind of obvious. 

I am nobody special, which is exactly the reason why Jah wants me to speak out on certain topics. What happened to me, happens to millions of people every day and it has everything to do with the mechanism used by Babylon Shitstem to keep people in slavery.

That's why what happens to me can be used by you, my dear reader, to be applied in your own life as my experiences only reveal a principal.

So let's grab some experiences of these last months and discover together just how Satan and his foot soldiers will do anything they are allowed to do in order to fight down Jah Children.

At one time, I was under attack by churchicans, atheists and even homosexualists all having their agenda to mash down Reggae Culture with their Politikal Korrektness, all worshipping and obeying the God Of This World Order, whatever his name is to them.

My publications on Christafari provoked some people to fiercely defend the very Church System which Christafari chooses to work for. Nothing was spared: even racism. One guy registered to a website just for me, with an outright racist name referring to what he thought is my skin color, and the word "business" behind it. 

He came to defend the church, too...

Other publications about Babylon System provoked yet another group to do exactly the same. Shame on me, they say, for I do not accept the not-so-gay-homosexual-lifestyle as being on the same level as Holy Marriage between man and woman. They even claim such things on Reggae Websites.

Am I being sarcastic, here? Unfortunately not. Unfortunately, I am talking about a factual and a serious situation. 

Some people actually claim, that Consciousness and Rastafari should lead one to accept the not-so-gay-homosexual lifestyle, or even Christafarianism. 

Just look at the following quote (typo's are original):

I mean....for someone who "claims" to be a "conscious spiritauls rasta" who has a website dedicated to "spreading consciousness"....he has a hatred for MANY different social groups of people....he has spoken about hes hatred for...gays,hiphop artists,hippies,atheists,Muslims,....even Christians...including Christafari!!! (SOURCE)

Hate? Yes, according to the Babylonians "hate" is when you do not accept a certain philosophy, a certain doctrine. Hate is, when you do not accept homosexuality and hate is, when you "even" do not accept Christafarianism. 

"Hate" being the name of any crime against Politikal Korrektness, you see. For when you Konform, this is "Love". And "everything" is "all" about "love", right?


Every critique on Babylon Shitstem and Philosophy is seen as "hate", and in Babylon "haters" are open target. You can scorn them, insult them, beat them and even chase them. All in the name of "love", obviously.

Kind of like the "love" I engaged as a little child, when I was told how the God Of This World Order is called Jesus Christ and he wants everyone to become Good Babylonians. If you are unable to do so, for example because you are -like me- handicapped, you will feel it all your life.

This mechanism was revealed to me BIG TIME this last year. As I was directly involved in a "debate" with atheists, churchicans and defenders of the not-so-gay-homosexual-lifestyle, they would apply the very same methods that I knew so very well from a very young age.

Deliberately, even. 

Just to show me how big the "love" of the Babylonians is, Jah told me before to speak out about certain trauma's that I received in my life. Trauma's given to me by the Good Babylonians who were -in the Name of Yesus or Politikal Correctness- practicing Hate in the name of "Love".

I would write about a specific trauma, and I would subsequently see how certain ones not only read what I wrote, they would actually use that knowledge to try and push me down even further. They would try to trigger my trauma so that I would walk along with the Politikal Korrekt Paradigm in order to lose that ugly feeling the trauma would cause.

They would openly debate amongst themselves, how much "I" was "in need" for "medical attention". In other words, they would simply say that I am crazy, a fool, an idiot. They would threaten me, too, by the way...

In this time, I saw how trauma's were a control mechanism. I saw the horrible truth behind the phrase "Trauma-based Mind Kontrol" as I learned all about the way the Babylonians would treat (what they think was) me in their desperate attempts to make me walk according to the Party Line.

I would witness how folks that bawl "love and unity" all the while, would openly say how that would not apply to them when they would ever meet me face to face. The reason being that I will not accept the Party Line about homosexuality.

One guy said he would love to take a plane now and beat me up, but not after stealing Dubroom Midifiles and putting them on the Internet with satanic titles such as "Masonic Tribes of Israel" and more lately a tune called "Kish", which he explained as a message from him to me that "I" can "kish his ****". 

Apparently, people like me are good enough to provide drum and basslines to those who are unable to come up with riddims for themselves, and apparently we should simply accept the hate and insults and even outright stealing.

Of course, we see the mechanism of the vampire at work here. It's a fact of nature, that children of Satan will never be able to create anything as they will always have to devour creation in order to exist anyway.

But it goes beyond that, even. 

To use what is given as a praises to JAH and to change it into worship of Satan is an act of blasphemy. And that is exactly what the guy did and keeps doing, even announcing all of this publicly, next to his threats he wants to take a plain and beat me up.

The guy who tells me that he loves to beat me up but not after using my drum and basslines also e-stalks people, even female. He will bomb people who are on MySpace friend list with friend requests and emails. 

One sister told me how he would send a friend request and when she wrote back how she knew him and wanted him to stay away, he did not respect that and kept sending emails. He would place the picture of the sistren on a different website, insult her by calling her "Messian Dread's biggest fan" and thing, in an obvious exposure of his true nature.

Stalking women seems to be a habit that is present with more of my opponents. One of them is a convicted stalker who also served time in prison for children porno found on his computer. He even has a website about his case... (LINK)

In 1996, he heard how I was hating what I thought was Yesus before I became born again and he keeps writing until this day how I am a "Satanist". He also likes to call me a "white supremacist", even though he himself is a white guy. UB40, by the way, according to this white guy, are also "white supremacists".

I can go on and on and on, exposing just how the wicked will try to trigger trauma's, or create trauma's even, when you are JAH Child doing JAH Works. 

But the examples I just gave are just that: examples.

All of these examples show how the wicked will use positive things, JAH blessings and fruits of His Works in us, just to express their complete hatred against the Creator and His children.

Lies and insults, even the absurd accusation of being loved, these are all things we have to face when we dare to speak out about Babylon, or dare to worship JAH by His Name and Title as Head Creator. The hurt can be big, it can trigger ancient trauma's or even create new ones.

They will try to trigger your trauma's so that you will Konform, and when that turns out to be impossible because of the way you are created, the attempts to paralyze you will begin.

In this journey, I discovered the mechanisms. I discovered, why it is so necessary to see this a spiritual thing and not as a carnal thing. It is within our flesh, that the enemy will try to get at us, but the reason for that is that they can never touch our spirits.

They will try to devour our flesh and blood, for example by triggering our trauma's, for who we are spiritually. Because they can not get at our spirit, they will get at our flesh. And they hope we will respond in flesh, too!

Another thing that I learned in this, is that I should not look for liberation from my trauma's. I should not look for being healed, if you will, at least not until the degree our traumatizers want us to long for that healing.

What does it matter, if I get healed from my trauma's if I am surrounded by wolves and vampires, even devils who will look to traumatize me again and again on a daily basis?

What does it matter, if all I do is seek for healing or shelter in a desperate attempt to save my flesh and blood?

JAH did heal me to a great extend from my trauma's, though. However, I discovered that He healed me from those things that would have potentially brought me in the danger zone. 

So, am I still traumatized?


Big Time, even.

And I feel it every day!

As a child, I would be traumatized and I would start to hate what I thought was "Jesus Christ". Since I was traumatized in the Name of that Yesus because I am not able to become a good Babylonian, I thought I had to "love Satan"....

This is how strong trauma's can be, especially for a young child as I was in that time.

But now I am healed. I know Jesus Christ, and I know there is a god of this world order called Satan but some call him Jesus Christ too and they love the Shitstem of that "Jesus Christ"....

Even if the whole "Christian World" would attack me for being a Rasta or for not being against Herb Smoking or even for reviewing Reggae Music, and they would claim how I would be burning in hell forever because of that, I will no longer get hurt or intimidated by that.

There was a healing there, and it was massive!

But the healing takes place within my consciousness rather than within my flesh and blood. 

My handicap will not go away, I will still feel the trauma's I had as a young child when I see some "Christian" "accusing" "me" of "being a Rasta" (as if that is the same as being a Satanist), for example.

I will still feel the pain if people debate among themselves what kind of "mental problem" they would like to impose on me so that they can continue doing their evil works since all they have against them is "a guy with a mental problem"...

However, all these attacks land in the "return to sender, address unknown" category. The attacks are aimed at my spirit, because it is my spirit that causes my soul and body to do what I am doing, but land in my soul where ancient trauma's are still there.

You see, the traumatizers are unable to find my spirit, as they do not know the adress!

My spirit is born of JAH, "born again" as we say. Because of this situation, my spirit is in direct and continual contact with Jah and even further: my spirit is safely in the Secret Place Of the Most High, as Psalm 91 describes.

My spirit is not sick, or ill, or wounded. My spirit is not traumatized and can not be traumatized. My spirit is whole and does not need healing. And it is my spirit that guides me.


Yes, most of the time when we speak about "me", "I", or "you", we speak about our souls. Our souls, different from our spirit. Our souls, held captive when we are possessed. Our souls, deeply traumatized.

JAH teaches us to know ourselves to be little trinities of body, soul and spirit. Subsequently He teaches us that although these three are one, there are differences too.

Everything that deals with the trauma, deals with our souls. However, when we are spiritual we know how to place our soul in the right perspective and so I will bypass my soul consciousness when it comes to these matters discussed in this update.

There is nothing I can do about it: Satan's spiritual warriors will attack my soul for it is the best they can ever reach, and I will keep doing what I spiritually know I have to do.

And I do this as part of "The Normal Christian Life"!

Every born again person should know that our souls, our hearts, will not tell us the truth. When we know the truth, our souls can say a different thing because of trauma's but it will not change the truth and so JAH teaches each and everyone of us to become more and more.... spiritual, throughout the years.

And this principal of the Normal Christian Spiritual Life can perfectly be applied in situations wherein we are traumatized and triggered by the evil ones for who we are spiritually.

The triggers are still there, the trauma's are still there, but there is no use whatsoever for these trauma's to be there in the first place. The evil ones may try and trigger trauma's, but they cannot force me to listen to these trauma's as if they were telling me the truth about my spiritual position.

Each time the enemy tries to trigger a trauma, I have -in my soul consciousness- to make a choice. I will either listen to the trauma and consider it to be describing reality to me, or I can choose to walk in Truth as JAH Revealed Himself to be Truth Incarnated through YESUS KRISTOS Who Is JAH and that choice is really not so hard to make.

Throughout this year, and the 22 years before that in which I know myself to be born again through the works of Yesus Kristos Who is JAH, I have learned to discern between my body, my soul and my spirit.

In the journey JAH sent me on, I discovered until a deeper level just why I was traumatized, and the technical mechanism and reasons for the traumatization. 

I did not discover this just for the sake of knowledge, obviously.

I did not only discover it, to get to know myself to a deeper level too, getting to know the one who JAH created, the spirit who was born of JAH on august 6, 1985 when I was born again.

I believe, I predominantly discovered it to share with my brothers and sisters who also know themselves in truth to be born again through Yesus Kristos Who is JAH.

This specific journey I am on has not led me to my final destiny either. I am about to discover much more. As it seems now, I am even going to travel physically as a result of this journey and it will be to another continent.

I'll keep you posted!

One Love,
Messian Dread

Please consider the writing above as the personal opinion/observation of Messian Dread rather than "Official Dubroom Policy" or something like that. 




Yesus Kristos


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