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Not only do I create and perform musical works with all my heart and soul, I'm at least as passionate about writing down my thoughts and feelings. Reasoning, meditating and analysing is all part of this and by putting it down in words Jah has enabled me to share it with others. 


Messian Dread Articles and Columns

WWW, July 12 2007 - These past few weeks I have been on an ongoing spiritual journey. A journey which led to a deeper insight, and not only into my own spiritual identity.

Due to this journey, I was unable to really update the website on a daily basis. The reason for that has to do with time, time which I needed in order to focus on different things. 

Things, that had directly to do with my spiritual identity and ministry. 

I use this word with care, because I know the term "ministry" and "minister" is abused to describe a certain "level" in a hierarchy called "Christendom". A minister, though, means "servant" and a ministry is what he does to serve.

We are all ministers, we all have a ministry, when we are born in the Spirit of Jah thanks to the fulfilled works of Yesus Kristos Who really is JAH.

My ministry is partly in the field of spiritual warfare and discernment, which can be pretty intense at times. Sometimes, it shows on the website's forum and I engage many things in the Outernet too.

My ministry doesn't take up whole my life, though. This is not the way our Father works with us. He gave us life, life to live. He gave us a body to be able to enjoy the good things in this creation, and we all have been given talents with which we can do things.

When I became born again on august 6th, 1985, I was in the situation that I had only one hour left to live. I knew, after I became born again, that I would not die that day. Jah told me then, that He had "something to do" for me.

Just recently, Jah pointed out this out to me again. He showed me my life, the life I am blessed to live. 

Yes, Jah uses me for a ministry and the fact that I am a dreadlock, which really means Separated One, tells a thing about the intensity. 

But apart from that, I am blessed to be able to have this independent website and to have my musical works. I love Reggae Music and especially DUB, and my reviewing of the music obviously is not my ministry.

But Jah has given this to me, too. It is a blessing, something to give thanks over. To be able to have this site, to be able to create music and not be depending on any form of success whatsoever, just giving thanks.

This is what my Lord, my God, my Father, my Saviour, has given me.

This is why He let me live, too.

This is how good He is.

He has given me a new spirit, my soul is being healed, and I will be made full when I am given a new body. But even for this body, Jah has given me things to enjoy.

It is enjoyment, to have this site and musical works, to be able to create Dub music whenever I am inspired and to release it without having to deal with big companies with demanding attitudes.

And there is also a spiritual reason behind this carnal blessing.

My ministry is spiritual. But since I am in this body, I must use my body in this ministry, too. For example, I have to take my spirit to a different place by using my body, for my spirit will not leave my body unless Jah does such a thing and He will keep that body protected while I'm gone.

But my body, my flesh, can only deal with a certain level of spiritual activity.

I have recently been involved with people being delivered from evil spirits that possessed them. On one occasion, we saw literally 10's of these beings leave the place. We saw them with our physical eyes. We, as in more than one person seeing the same things in detail.

I am only giving this example, to show how our bodies are involved in our spiritual ministry. And it is intense, very intense, to look into the spiritual realms with our physical senses.

That is why Jah only gives so much to handle. Everyone receives these things according to the way they are created by the Father, and none of us are being driven beyond what we are able to carry in our bodies.

I recently discovered, that there is something I carry in my body, too. 

It is called "trauma". 

It came to the surface, when I was gathering and processing material for an article about the new Christafari album "To the Foundation". In what turned out to be an amazingly revealing interview, Christafari's front man explained once again how he would perverse and abuse everything he perceives as Rastafarian and/or Christian in order to make money from the faithful who think they buy spiritual food when they buy his works.

I felt a pain in my body, a physical pain. And the pain was very, very familiar. But it was limited to my body, and could not reach my spirit.

So, the pain was there but limited. It was only there for me to observe, so that I can write about it. It is like I am looking from my spirit to this pain in my body.

The pain was very familiar, as it was planted inside of me when I was a very little child. It is called "trauma" and the reason for it has to do with mind control, or brainwash in order to be controlled.

I recognized it as the very same pain that caused me as a child to choose for satan rather than for the Jesus Christ that was proposed to me by the churchicans. But since I know the truth, that I did not know as a child, I now know this "Jesus Christ" was not the Divine Saviour but satan in disguise.

Yes, on this journey Jah showed me exactly what it was that I was dealing with.

And it can be found in Psalm 91.

The psalm describes people who "dwell in the Secret Place Of The Most High", how this makes you kind of untouchable but you are able to observe what's going on, while in the same time you engage spiritual warfare from the secret place of the Most High, which is spiritual and called "being in Christ" by the apostle Paulus.

The "snares of the fowler", and the "noisome pestilence", the "arrows that flieth by day" and the "terror by night", all these things are familiar to me. They are sometimes persons, mostly demons or other evil spirits, and sometimes it's just pure evil that tries to get at you.

But even though they have supernatural origin, none of these things should be regarded as "spiritual" and that is why they usually take place within this 3D/4D realm where our bodies dwell.

For my body is not fully in the Secret Place of the Most High, but my spirit is. Don't ask me the tech-know, all I know is that it is true.

This is why you can read in the Bible, how witchcraft and all these supernatural things are "works of the flesh" and not "fruits of the Spirit" (note the capital S). They are just to satisfy our carnal lusts and there is nothing wrong with carnal lusts persay, just certain carnal lusts are outright sins.

This is why the pain I felt was on that carnal level too.

It came in the form of the voice of Christafari's front man, explaining how Trinidad is full of "cannibals" and his outright lies concerning the "books" written about him (I wonder who he meant with that). Add to that the manifold false teachings and abuses of the Bible, and the fact all of this is supposes to be "spiritual food". Pretty sickening, yes?

But the pain also came in the form of what I have come to define as "churchicans", people who basically think about themselves that they are "Christian" and will try to cover me with their "love" and "prayers", in reality nothing else but hate and curses.

I have desperately tried to reach out to them. After all, they are supposed to be my brothers and sisters in Christ, right?


There are certain things, which people who are born of the Spirit will show, especially when they are supposed to be older in the faith.

A love for the truth, for example. A willingness to expose false teachings, a willingness to stand corrected too. A self-identification within the Body of Kristos rather than in some man-made organization. A trust in Jah rather than in methods, and most of all: a personal relationship with and revealed by Yesus Kristos.

These things show instantly. You will recognize these people, even when you don't know them and might disagree with them on many things. 

They will not ask certain questions.

They will not adhere to certain principals.

I have desperately tried to reach out to them, as said. I based this on certain other principals, that will not have to be explained to any true Spirit-born person. They might not even know the words, but they will recognize the principals as these are the principals by which they live their spiritual lifes.

Most of the people I tried to reach out to, did not recognize the principals. In other words, they were obviously not born of the Spirit.

Even little babies know how to drink the milk. They know how to cry when they first start breathing independently from the mother. They know how to express hunger and happiness. And most of all: none of this has to be explained to them.

Now, I knew that many people who I tried to reach out to, are reading the Dubroom and especially the Message Boards in order to read what I had to say to them. Even in reasonings, I would write sentences directly to these people.

Until Jah said: "no more".

He showed me the trick. He showed me, that my trying to reach out to them was completely misunderstood. One of these people I tried to reach out later even told me himself that in his eyes I was like someone trying to make a blind man see the light.

When He told me to stop reaching out to them, this is when the attacks and revelations came in many forms: Spiritual Warfare, scorn and ridicule, infiltrations on the Message Boards, et cetera.

I announced on my board that the spies who would spy would no longer be served on a platter, and I announced later on how I would no longer be trying to knock on Christafari's door in attempts to make them repent from their money-making of true Christianity and true Rastafari.

Only a minute later, I received an e-mail from Mr. Christafari himself: Mark Mohr, he had a request to me to help him out getting a touring schedule in my home country of the Netherlands, where they will perform to promote their album in which they call me and the One Who sent me a "lying and deceitful man", and my brothers and sisters in Trinidad "cannibals".

Of course, I was on one of his email lists, but I wrote back. I wrote him one line: "You really hate me, don't you". He wrote back and admitted how this contact we had was organized from the supernatural realms, but he told me that it was so that I would know he was not trying to fight me. Well, I know that to be untrue so I told him that.

The reason obviously was, an attempt by satan to trigger my trauma's. A scorn: "if you don't reach out no more, we will "reach out" to you"...

Poor Mark, he wasn't even aware of what he was doing. 

I'm sure he did not deliberately send this a minute after I posted a message wherein I announced no longer to be trying to reach out to (people like) him. 

But he sure was able to be used that way!

Of course, he could have come clean back then. He could have seen how this was for him perhaps a truly last chance. But instead, he chose to lie to me. It's all documented HERE.

On another website, I encountered something even more interesting. Like hungry wolves, a group of church-defenders, homosexualists and self-proclaimed atheists preyed on me after I posted a few reasonings and news items about an interview I was blessed to do on Channel Z Radio about Rastafari and Jesus.

They would, between the lines of political correct attempts to make me shut the **** up and insults that ranged from the very profane to more subtle variants, tell me how they would do it as their "entertainment". In other words, either I am a clown or they are the seat of the scornful and I know that I am not playing around like a clown.

The churchicans in that unholy alliance of homosexualists, churchicans and self-proclaimed atheists would know, because I told them, that I would no longer try and reach out to them, but would answer their questions if they would ask me.

And while they thought they were keeping me in their snare, firing their arrows at me in a desperate attempt to make me do what they wanted me to do, I was only observing this from my spirit.

I saw, how they could not reach my spirit even though supernatural events occurred.

While I tried to tell them what they said they wanted to hear about, it became clear that they were not really interested in that. Anti-christs who had condemned me with the usual "accusations" of "you think you are more holy than us" and so on also refused to put me on their "ignore list", saying how they would miss the "entertainment" they would feel when they play their game. This showed clearly how they were more than just "offended by a different opinion"...

I learned, by pure observance from my spirit, what was really going on. I had never witnessed it this clear before, as Jah explained to me how all of this was connected with other things I engaged throughout my life. 

Satan tried to use people like puppets to trigger the trauma's he so carefully planted in me when I was a little child and was basically told that the god of this world order was called jesus christ. The trauma's were planted as the result of abuse and were further cultivated when I was demon-possessed before I became born again.

The trauma's had been dictating a lot of my actions in the past, and after I became born again Jah de-programmed me in a period that lasted over two decades.

I still have the trauma's, I am not fully healed yet. And I will probably not be healed as long as I am in this body. But it doesn't matter anymore, because I know that this has to do with my spiritual identity and all they can do is get at my flesh. So they will always miss the target, even when they will kill me physically which I believe will happen somewhere in the future.

For the trauma's were planted in me to keep me from becoming who I really am: a dreadlocksman, known by Jah from the foundation of the earth, a Separated One as the Book of Life calls us Yesus Dreads.

It's an attempt to make me "join" whatever. So it's aim is actually quite the opposite of what I am supposed to be. This is why the pain is rather useless for my body, as it doesn't have any function whatsoever, and I already am in the most precious -secret- fellowship with my Idrens on the spiritual level where all of this is relevant.

But here I am. Yes, my body carries the Mark of The Nazarite. In other words, people who see my body see my dreadlocks and they will know I am a dreadlock. But they will not necessarily know, that I am a dreadlocksman as the result of my spiritual identity rather than my physical body or identity.

And so, I believe that all of what is happening to me lately is revealed to me as a lesson. A lesson that tells me more about who I am. 

No, I do no longer have to reach out to those that do not want to hear anyway. I do no longer have to answer trick questions by people whose sole purpose it is to kill every seed I sow.

In other words, I do no longer have to allow them to try and trigger my trauma's so that they will see how little use their carnal trauma based mind control really is when you are spiritualy born.

This is a great relief, obviously.

Not, because there was ever a moment in which the trauma's were too much, or were leading me towards renouncing Yesus Kristos and start worshipping the god of this world order, worshipped in the church-and-state system called Babylon which is also this world order.

Far from that. I am not created that way, even in the phyisical.

But it is a relief to know, that I will no longer have to put my body in a position where the wolf pack can come to me and try to eat my flesh. It is a relief to know, that from now on I just have to give thanks.

Will this have an impact on the Dubroom, and my other activities?


The contents of my upcoming articles will be different, as all these things that I learned will be incorporated in it. I will write these articles for those that will, like me, give thanks. 

I will no longer try to explain the obvious to people who are not interested in the obvious, while those that know the obvious will not be served when I would express the obvious.

So I did turn the other cheek, I did walk that extra mile, I did provide more than asked for, and still it wasn't enough. "Entertain us once more", somebody said to me, coming in the name of his christ, after I tried to explain the obvious countless of times.

So, where does this journey lead me to?

Some things become clear, now.

And they all point out to a deeper level of my identity as a Dreadlocksman, an identity I did not choose but was chosen for me from before I was conceived.

A spiritual identity, that would only be mine after I would be born spiritually but wherein I could be myself in the way I was intended by my Creator, JAH. 

Which happened on the 6th of august 1985, making my spiritual age the age of 22 at this moment, almost 23 as a matter of fact. It is therefore only logical, that I turn from puberty/adolescence to adulthood, spiritually.

My identity as a spiritual Nazarite or Separated One, an identity whose mark I carry on my head in the form of dreadlocks, led me to see certain things. And because of my separation, or independence if you will, I have the time and possibility to search out these things for those that may not have this time and possibility but will give thanks as well.

I am not a soul-seeker, my very identity as a Separated One would reveal that. Soul-seekers try to find ways to get people in their group, because they look for power as they are ultimately guided by the ultimate soul-seeker which is satan himself and they themselves have to feed of the souls they steal.

Jah is not a soul seeker in that sense at all. Jah knows already who will give thanks and who will scorn. He Himself created us, and became a man and died for us at the cross. He bought our body, soul and spirit with his own precious blood and even though He wants nobody to perish and can therefore not be accused of creating people to perish, there are many who will perish.

He told us, that He sent us as sheep among wolves. And therefore, we have to be innocent like doves and subtle like the serpent himself. He said, we should not cast our pearls before the swine, so it's not like I am undergoing some unbiblical heretical spirituality in this journey.

But it definitely is a journey, and I travel on this journey with just Jah and I. It has to be like that. I am not looking for souls. And none of this has anything to do with the fellowship I do have with my spiritual brethren and sistren in Kristos either. I need the fellowship as a fellow child of Jah, but in my ministry, I have to walk this walk alone so to speak, separated is a better word where independence would also be applicable.

Yes, my ministry has directly to do with other people. For you serve the fellow saints. And they know who they are. I do not know all of them. I don't have to, either. I just do what I have to do, and will give thanks.

One Love,
Messian Dread

Please consider the writing above as the personal opinion/observation of Messian Dread rather than "Official Dubroom Policy" or something like that. 




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