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WWW, FEBRUARY 2007 - Recently, there was a little bit of an uproar in "Gospel Reggae" circles. With artists charging sound systems up to £500 for a Dub Plate, some people started to protest. 

But is it the amount of money, or is it the principal that should be addressed? An analysis.

A while ago, we published an article wherein we exposed a so-called "Gospel Dancehall" artist who blatantly proclaimed how "Jesus Christ" was going to make him some serious cash ("bling-bling").

After that, we reported on the "Marlin Music Awards", and their completely ungodly behavior and mentality. "Gospel Reggae Super Stars" worship each other and even proclaim on the Dubroom message boards that "it sure is nice (for a ministry) to be honored on earth". 

And just recently, the CRC released another article, wherein we reported how "Gospel Reggae Artists" were boo-ed off stage in Jamaica, and wrote about the reaction of the so-called ministers who were shocked that they were in fact judged rather than worshipped by the audience.

Today, the CRC received a forwarded email. It was the newsletter of the well-known "Gospel Reggae" "ministry". People subscribe to this news letter because they want to stay informed about the self-proclaimed "ministry". But when you read the news letter, it's only about business. Buy this, buy that, buy such and buy so. And, oh yes, we just opened a new office and hired some more people so that you can buy even more.

None of these things seem to bother people within the marketplace of the "Christian" industry. It seems like many of them are so spiritually handicapped, that they are unable to see the ungodly and even satanic principal at work behind this all.

But now, something happened which may serve as an eye-opener for some people who find themselves caught in the claws of the spiritual slave masters.

Maybe they don't have "eyes to see", as Jesus Christ stated. But they sure have money. And their love for their money may now very well drive them into a position wherein they can no longer fool themselves and others into believing that they are somehow involved in a "ministry".

On the "Lion of Zion" message boards, which by the way hasn't that much participation anymore, someone posted (PDF) a message wherein (s)he expressed shock. Let's quote:

I have recently aproached several artists for dub plates. Christian artists have come back to me with prices ranging from £200 to £500 PER DUB!!! Does ANYONE pay this sort of money? How many Christian sound systems are there? I am not talking about record bag DJ's, but sounds, those that own and maintain a sound system. It is my strong conviction that we are in this together as one body, to share the Gospel. I am not after personal fame or fortune and discourage artists from calling my name in dubs, it is ALL about His Majesty, JESUS!

Someone senses, that something is wrong. Claiming to want to do something for Jesus, let's call it a "ministry", the person who wrote the above apparently seems to think that there is a certain limit on the amount of money a so-called "Christian artist" can ask a so-called "Christian Sound system".

So, obviously, one could ask: how many dollars (or pounds, or euros) does it take to cross from a ministry to a business?

Apparently, 500 pounds has gone over that border.

But what border are we talking about, here? The amount of money someone has in his bank account? Would 500 pounds be too much when someone is a millionaire?

Obviously, that border is highly speculative. And we don't need to go in that direction either. For it is clear, that the 500 Pounds border has nothing to do with the Christian message and everything to do with someone's personal budget.

So, what is the real border?

Let's take a closer look.

We see, how the whole "Gospel Reggae Industry" is patterned after the Reggae Industry. And in that industry, we have artists and sound systems who make deals together about using Dub Plates. A Dub Plate is a special track, wherein the artist sings about the sound system or something else. And only the sound system who bought the Dub plate has the rights to play it.

500 pounds may be a lot of money, but within the Reggae Industry this is not an unusual price. After all, you have specials for your sound system to make your sound system special, too. And when you have a special sound system, you will be invited to play at dances and concerts, which can than make you some money too.

It's an industry. And there's nothing wrong with that Reggae Industry. For it is an industry where Reggae Music is the product. That's why it's called the Reggae Industry.

It's the same, and yet very different too, in the "Christian Industry". This industry has made the Christian faith and the Christian faithful into their product. That's why it's called the "Christian Industry".

All of this can easily be discerned by asking the question: "on what basis does the Christian Industry claim it's right to existence?" You could also ask any artist or worker in the Christian Industry, what makes them work in that Industry. They will all tell you, that it is on the basis of their (in many cases: alleged) "Christian faith".

But there are only a view who are able to see, that this is a very principal issue. Reggae Music is a product, even though the producers and artists put their heart and soul in. A Reggae Artist is someone whose work it is to make Reggae Music. And an industry is built around it, so that the artists and others can actually do their work and get some money so that they can afford food clothes and shelter.

There's not a whole lot of difference between a Reggae Artist and a Grocer, in that respect. And sure, Reggae Artists can be Christians, just like grocers can be Christians. And sure, they have to express their Christian faith in their entire lifes so that would include their jobs or labour.

But a Christian who is a Reggae artist should not confuse his job as his "ministry". Just like a Christian grocer shouldn't concern his grocery store as his "ministry". They might both be able to perform their ministry while they are working on their job, but their job would still not be their ministry.

The reason for this is, because money is involved. We all must live, have some money to provide food clothes and shelter for ourselves and our families. And we must do things in order to make a little money. 

It's a principal, and we call it "work"....

But these very same arguments are used by the self-proclaimed "ministers" who are working in the Christian Industry. They say: "but we have to live", and that is the reason why they want money for their so-called "ministries".

But because they work in the Christian Industry, they think that they could look to their work as a "ministry" as well. And they think, that they can sell their products because they "have to live". So, the same arguments why one needs money for his product, is applied to the self proclaimed "ministers".

That's why you have "ministries" telling you that they will send you a book for a certain amount of money. But don't you call it "merchandize", for it is "ministry".

But is that so?

The apostle Paul worked as a maker of tents. The apostle Peter worked as a fisherman. They had their ministries, too. We can read all about it in the Bible. Some even did not work for a living because they received financial support so that they could buy food clothes and shelter while practicing their ministry.

Nowhere do you read, that an apostle charged money for his ministry. When people gave him money, it was because Jah told them to donate money. So we see, that the principal "work-money-trade" which we apply to our lives and jobs, does not fly in the Kingdom of Jah.

Yes, it is a principal. A principal that says: I make a product, and I sell that product because I need food clothes and shelter". This principal is usually called "work", or "job". It is not our "ministry"!

But we seen this very same principal applied in what is called the Christian Industry. "Christian" artists make "Christian" products which are then bought and sold in the Christian Industry where the faithful have become the "market".

How obvious is this all? How obvious is it, that we are speaking about spiritual slavery? Jah people on the market place!

It starts almost innocently. And then it continues as false prophets and slick businessmen use false teachings and greed to build themselves a name in what is now called "Christian Industry". 

The apostle Peter called them false teachers with damnable heresies. and Jesus Christ Himself told us to look at their fruits.

As we are closely monitoring the culprits and their protégées behind the "Gospel Reggae Industry", we see how these fruits become more and more obviously rotten. More and more people start to "sense" that "something is wrong, here".

That "something", in this case, is 500 pounds. Someone sensed, that it was wrong to charge 500 pounds for something perceived as a "ministry". And the answer from the artists will without any doubt be the very same argument: "but we have to live, too".

And so they will debate to (literally) Jah Kingdom come about prices, amounts of pounds and dollars, without really touching the principal sin that stands at the foundation of the Christian Industry, including her subdivision the "Gospel Reggae Industry".

For it's not about the amount of money at all. 

The only reason why people started to protest against the 500 pounds, is the fact that they love their money too much to pay 500 pounds for something that others must produce.

But they do not see the principal. Sure 500 pounds is a lot of money, but even if it was only one dollar cent the same principal would apply still. You do not charge for your ministry. For if you do, you will make the Christian Faith and the Faithful into merchandise!

Jesus Christ said: "freely you have been given, freely you shall give". He did not say "charge no more than 500 pounds (or even one dollar cent)". He took a whip and whipped the businessmen away from the Temple Yard. He wasn't vexed about the prices, he was vexed because there was business going on in the House of Jah.

And now, it seems like some in this "Gospel Reggae" industry are starting to sense that "something" is wrong. Let us all pray for these people, that they will start to see the real principal at work. 

It's great to see the grace of Jah towards these people, that He uses their own love of money to show them that "something" is wrong. 

Let us pray for the Gospel Reggae Dot Comers, that they will be able to open their eyes and really start to see that they themselves are just like the businessmen in the temple in Jesus' days. 

And lowering the prices won't solve that. 

Only a repentance will solve it.

A repentance from building that Gospel Reggae Dot Com Industry, or any other so-called Christian industry for that matter.





Yesus Kristos


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