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Dubroom In-site, as the name suggests, deal with the runnings of this website itself. Updates, new formats,news and views directly relating to the Dubroom, stuff like this. 


WWW, January 26 2007 - The Dubroom has two main themes: (DUB) Reggae and Consciousness. Two themes that do not bite each other. Quite the contrary! In this episode of Dubroom In-Site, we'll dive a little bit deeper in this Crucial Combination.

Every now and then, the Dubroom receives feedback from people who would like us to elaborate on the definition of Consciousness. Oddly enough, we have yet to receive feedback concerning (DUB) Reggae. Odd, because it can be very difficult to actually define the music.

Of course it has to do with the fact that not everyone has the same definition of Consciousness. It's a buzzword which can mean many things to many different people. And there are also many who use words like Consciousness, Cultural and so on without actually having a definition of it!

So, what do we mean with "Consciousness"? And what do we mean with "(DUB) Reggae"? And why do we think this is a crucial combination?

For that, we have to dive a little bit into the history of Reggae Music and the island where the music originated: Jamaica. 

The island was "discovered" by Christopher Columbus, and pretty soon thereafter the original inhabitants (the Arawak people) were killed altogether. Big ships were sailing over the oceans, carrying millions of Africans who were brutally captured and forced to work as slaves in what was called "the new world". If they weren't killed or died in another way, that is. Reggae Band Steel Pulse very rightly calls it the "African Holocaust"!

Fast forward to the 20th century, when Reggae Music came into existence. Even though slavery was officially abolished, something which can be debated, the people on Jamaica feel it to the day of today. It has placed a deep mark in the souls of the people, and obviously this has an influence on the music too.

The movement of Rastafari had, and still has, a tremendous influence in Reggae Music as many artists consider themselves to be a member or at least a sympathizer. They had identified the system that caused slavery as the very same thing what the Bible calls "Mystery Babylon".

The philosophy of Rastafari was incorporated in the rhythm of Reggae. African drums, for example, play a dominant role and this is not just a cultural thing. Cries from the heart, chants unto the Most High and lamentations in old-testament style, these are vital ingredients for what is now known as "Roots Reggae".

And now, whenever someone is introduced to Reggae Music, sooner or later they will be confronted with what is called "Conscious Reggae". In fact, the music appeals to many especially because of the Consciousness.



To be conscious means to be awake: to know what's going on, and why things are the way they are. For Jamaicans were not told about their history. They were told how there was this "white Jesus" who made black people to serve the white folks.

Rastafari and Reggae Music changed that. Through music, the "half that never been told" was shared. The Wailers sang about "Music's gonna teach them one lesson".

Reggae Music is a message music. Sure, it's an appealing music. You just can't afford not to move your feet when the music plays. When you're sensitive, you will be touched straight in the heart. The music gives strength to carry on in this system called Babylon.

For there really is a Mystery Babylon. It's not just in the Bible, it's not just in Reggae Music. You can actually research the matter and find out just how true all of what the Rastaman says in Reggae Music actually is.

And that's why the Dubroom doesn't only promote (DUB) Reggae Music. We also attempt to provide back ground information and documentation concerning Mystery Babylon, and also concerning JAH.

For not only is Reggae Music closely connected with exposing Babylon System, many artists are devout believers and followers of the Most High God, JAH! And we're not only speaking about those who believe the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie to be JAH incarnated.

So, conscious people and spiritual people find themselves at home in Reggae Music. It's like the music is created for consciousness and spirituality, even. In every book about Reggae, you will find at least a few paragraphs about Rastafari and consciousness. 

And that makes Reggae Music a very special form of music.

The Dubroom wants to promote this music, and not just because it is such a nice music to listen to. We want to provide back ground information. Not just for those who are actively looking for this information because they believe in it so to speak, also for those people who are "merely" interested in what caused Reggae Music to become Reggae Music.




Yesus Kristos


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